Tips & Tricks

1) Most teams spend a lot of time repeating things out loud to make sure that everyone can hear their discoveries. Some discoveries that initially aren’t helpful, may become useful later. Sometimes this may lead to a lot of shouting so its helpful once in a while to regather as a team and be sure that you discussed your findings.

2) Many players are hesitant to search our space, scared of messing up the order of things. We do not design our escape game such that players can accidentally ruin the puzzle by moving around the items. Don’t worry, the items weren’t placed in a set place so that you could solve a puzzle by that specific order. If the order mattered, we would have another way for you to figure that out. Teams end up stuck on a puzzle at times because they didn’t search the space carefully enough to find items critical to solving the puzzle.

3) It may seem obvious, but when players are stuck, they sometimes resort to physical strength. However, often times this will only damage or break an item that may have been important in solving the puzzle. Violence is not the answer!


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