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Are you the type of person that watches a thriller or horror movie and you catch yourself saying “watch, this is going to happen” and it happens? Are you able to figure out the mystery before the movie is over? Have you ever wondered if you and a group of friends were the stars of your own psycho-thriller movie, would you all be able to “survive”, escape, and solve the mystery? Well, here at The Exit Game, we have created a game that is going to answer that question for you. For the next 60 minutes, you and your group will become the stars of your own movie. ONLY YOU DETERMINE THE OUTCOME
You and your group will be escorted onto the set where you will be shown a short clip that will give you context to the scene you will be placed into. The clip is very important as it will not only give you context but also objective to solving the mystery to your movie, which will lead to your escape.

Respectfully we ask that you watch the entire intro clip and then 60 minutes will appear on the tv screen as a countdown and it’s “Lights, Camera, Action!”

Our movies are set to a “thriller” standard. This means that the scariest part of the game will be the friends and family in your group and the ambience (production set, music, etc.)

Because this is purely a psycho-thriller game, the idea of this game is not to force open any clues, doors, chests, or items but to apply a theory based solution. Minimal physical activity is required. Mental and social fitness however, is required.

Please do not force open any of our clues!

You may remove yourself from the set upon emergency only, however reentry may not be granted and is discretionary to your director/game host.

Yes, however your set will have an emergency exit door that does not contain locks and will remain unlocked at all times. Your director will instruct you accordingly prior to production.


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